Design with Composite Materials


Code: ΜΕΑ_ΜΥ12


Stress analysis in laminated structural elements made of FRP composites, Failure of laminated plates (FPF loads, plate failure due to hygrothermal loading, ultimate failure, LPF, degradation of mechanical properties-distributed failure, design criteria), General principles of composite structural reliability (ISO 2394), Selection of stacking sequences in laminated structures (empirical methods, use of FPF and LPF failure loci, principal-stress method), Fatigue design of laminated structural components (material characterization, determination of stress sequences, load cycle counting, constant life diagrams, fatigue strength criterion, damage accumulation law, life prediction under complex stress state and spectral loading), Joints design for composites (bolted and adhesive), Application example: Design methodology for horizontal-axis wind turbine rotor blades


Philippidis Theodore