Dynamic Identification and Structural Health Monitoring


Code: ΜΕΑ_ΚΕ44


A] Introduction to structural identification and experimental modal analysis. Concise overview of the linear modal analysis theory. The broader identification problem. Experimental procedures. Deterministic and stochastic structural identification methods in the frequency and time domains, including Ibrahim Time Domain, Least Squares Complex Exponential, Eigensystem Realization Algorithm, Maximum Likelihood, subspace methods.

[B] Introduction to vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring. Principles and overview. Non-parametric methods, including Frequency Response Function and Power Spectral Density based. Parametric methods, including novelty detection, model parameter based, model residual based. Other advanced methods.

[C] Lab demonstration and student project using measured vibration signals in Matlab.


Fassois Spilios, Sakellariou Ioannis