Mechatronic Systems


Code: ΜΕΑ_314


Introduction to mechatronic systems. Practical examples. Main types of subsystems (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermal, electronic). Subsystem response in the time domain. Fourier & Laplace descriptions of signals and systems. Sensors and actuators. Subsystem synthesis and the overall behavior. The concept and usefulness of feedback. Electronic components including diodes, transistors, amplifiers, analog and digital circuits and their applications in building mechatronic systems. Introduction to design of combinatorial and sequential logic circuits including logic gates. Microprocessors and interfacing with external devices. Operating principles and guiding of step motors. Signal sampling, aliasing, and Analog-to-Digital converters. Basic digital signal processing and filtering concepts. Lab sessions with student reports using suitable software.


Aspragathos Nikolaos, Fassois Spilios