Division of Applied Mechanics, Technology of Materials and Biomechanics

Director: Kostopoulos Vassilis, Professor
Faculty members:
Polyzos Demosthenes, Professor
Saravanos Dimitris, Professor
Philippidis Theodore, Associate Professor
Loutas Theodoros, Assistant Professor

Director: Deligianni Despina, Associate Professor
Faculty members:
Athanassiou George, Associate Professor
Mavrilas Dimosthenis, Associate Professor
Other Members:
Mihanetzis Georgios, IDAX Employee


The Laboratory of Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering  of the University of Patras has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of biomechanics and biomaterials emphasizing in the domain of cell-material interactions.

Blood compatibility testing using static and dynamic blood-material contact, cell-materila interactions in the case of diffenrent cell cultures, mechanical properties of cells, tissues and biomaterials are some of the main research interests of our group.

More recently nanotechnology and nanoidentation techniques, functionalization of polymeric surfaces via selected biomolecules immobilization techniques as well as techniques to study endothelial cell culture on biomaterials under dynamic (flow, mechanical stress) conditions have been developed.


Director: Pantelakis Spiros, Professor
Faculty members:
Apostolopoulos Charis, Associate Professor
Lampeas George, Professor
Kermanidis Theodoros, Professor
Pantelakis Spiros, Professor
Tserpes Konstantinos, Assistant Professor
Other Members:
Karvelis Stefanos, E.T.E.P.
Koutsoliakou Archontoula, Secretariat

Subject of the Laboratory of Technology and Strength of materials is the education of undergraduate and post-graduate students on science and on technology of materials, strength of materials and components of engineering structures, as well as conducting fundamental and applied research on the above scientific fields. Concerning education, LTSM offers courses specialized in science and technology of materials, mechanical behavior of materials, strength of materials and structural components, fracture mechanics, structural analysis and structural integrity.

Concerning research, LTSM performs high quality research on development and characterization of materials, strength evaluation of structural components, as well as analysis and design of  aeronautical structures. LTSM participates in a big number of national and European competitive research programs, mostly related to aeronautics, and has been established as focal point in Greece in terms of research on aeronautical materials and structures.

With reference to both education and research, LTSM has developed strong links with all leading Universities and aeronautics research centers in Greece and abroad, as well as all major aerospace and aircraft industries worldwide.

Finally referring to the sector of industrial services, LTSM affords equipment, human resources and long experience in mechanical testing, structural integrity mechanical behavior of materials and structures, structural analysis.

Division of Energy, Aeronautics & Enviroment

Director: Kallinderis Yannis, Professor

The subject of the Laboratory is the design and the aerodynamic analysis of air vehicles using computational or other methods. Emphasis is also placed on the development of computational methods in Fluid Mechanics.

Director: Kaouris Yannis, Associate Professor

Director: Margaris Dionissios, Professor
Faculty members:
Aikaterinaris Ioannis, Professor

The subject of the Laboratory is Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics in a wide range of applications

Director: Georgiou Demos, Associate Professor

1. Study and Development of Power Systems (Both Heat Engines and Thermal Power Plants for the Generation of Electricity)

2. Study and Development of Propulsion Systems (mainly Gas Turbines)

Study and Development of critical components, mainly Blade Cooling Systems, Heat Exchanger Fins, etc.

Director: Koutmos Panayiotis, Associate Professor
Faculty members:
Panidis Thrassos, Associate Professor
Perrakis Kostas, Lecturer
Other Members:
Zafiris Sotirios, E.T.E.P.

The overall mission of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (LAT) is to deliver high quality education and research in the fields of Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena and Combustion, with particular regard to their applications.

LAT has established partnerships within European Academic and Research Associations aiming to advance teaching as well as scientific knowledge and technology. LAT is a member of the European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (ERCOFTAC), the European Aeronautics Science Network Association (EASN) and the Greek Section of the Combustion Institute. The Lab is participating in a large number of national and European research projects. LAT is partner in the EU NoE on Environmentally Compatible Air Transport System (ECATS).

The experimental and numerical capabilities of LAT are used to provide services and consultancy in the fields of thermo-fluids and combustion. LAT is also accredited to carry out tests under the terms of ISO/IEC 17025. LAT, in collaboration with EADS, holds a patent on microtechnology manufacturing of multi sensor hot wire anemometry probes.

Director: Siakavellas Nicolaos, Associate Professor

1.     Nuclear Technology: Fission and Fusion.

2.     Non-destructive testing of conducting materials with eddy current thermography.

3.     Induction heating.

4.     Heat exchangers -Thermodynamic cycles (in collaboration with the "Thermal Engines" Laboratory).

Division of Design & Manufacturing

Director: Mourtzis Dimitris, Associate Professor
Faculty members:
Stavropoulos Panagiotis, Assistant Professor

LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners.  Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with the European industry as well as with a number of "hi-tech" firms.  LMS is organized in three different groups:

1.     Innovative Manufacturing Processes

2.     Advanced Human-Centered Design Techniques including Virtual Reality

3.     Production Systems Planning, Control and Networking.

Director: Mourtzis Dimitris, Associate Professor
Faculty members:
Aspragathos Nikolaos, Professor
Chondros Thomas, Associate Professor

Director: Anifantis Nick, Professor
Faculty members:
Papadopoulos Chris, Professor
Dentsoras Argyris, Professor
Nikolakopoulos Pantelis, Assistant Professor
Katsareas Dimitrios, Lecturer

The Laboratory of Machine Design (MDL) contributes to the education of experts in the field of Mechanical Design. Accomplishments of Ph.D. level students of the laboratory are appreciated by both academia and industry. The mission of MDL is to improve design quality, shorten design time, and enhance design education by developing design tools for innovative product development. The design tools developed include design methodology and computer-aided design software systems. The foundation of this development is the science of design, which provides scientific means for studying design activities. The design tools are used to help companies rapidly develop high quality new products. The active research areas of MDL are nanotechnology, dynamics of rotating machinery, tribology-nanotribology, smart lubricants, active magnetic and hydro magnetic bearings, finite and boundary element methods, artificial intelligence and biomedical field. MDL is under the direction of Professor Nikolaos Anifantis and consists of five faculty members and 6 Ph.D students. MDL collaborates with a number of international research groups among which the Network on neutron Techniques standardization for structural integrity (NET).

Director: Fassois Spilios, Professor
Faculty members:
Skarlatos Dimitrios, Associate Professor
Sakellariou Ioannis, Assistant Professor
Other Members:

The Laboratory for Stochastic Mechanical Systems & Automation (SMSA) specializes on statistical methods for the estimation, analysis, prediction, fault diagnosis and control of stochastic mechanical signals and systems. Emphasis is placed on structural identification, Structural Health Monitoring, random vibration analysis, aircraft automation, aircraft systems and control.

Division of Management & Organization Studies

Director: Karacapilidis Nikos, Professor
Faculty members:
Adamides Emmanuel, Associate Professor

Director: Adamides Emmanuel, Associate Professor
Faculty members:
Megalokonomos George, Lecturer