Laboratory of Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering

Director: Deligianni Despina, Associate Professor
Faculty members:
Athanassiou George, Associate Professor
Mavrilas Dimosthenis, Associate Professor
Other Members:
Mihanetzis Georgios, IDAX Employee
Contact Details
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Univerisity of Patras, 26504 Rion-Patras
Phone: (+30 2610) 969460
Fax: (+30 2610) 969464


The Laboratory of Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering  of the University of Patras has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of biomechanics and biomaterials emphasizing in the domain of cell-material interactions.

Blood compatibility testing using static and dynamic blood-material contact, cell-materila interactions in the case of diffenrent cell cultures, mechanical properties of cells, tissues and biomaterials are some of the main research interests of our group.

More recently nanotechnology and nanoidentation techniques, functionalization of polymeric surfaces via selected biomolecules immobilization techniques as well as techniques to study endothelial cell culture on biomaterials under dynamic (flow, mechanical stress) conditions have been developed.




CHEMISTRY (1st year of studies)

BIOMECHANICS (section of applied mechanics and biomechanics): studying the mechanics of living organisms

BIOMATERIALS (section of apllied mechanics and biomechanics): studying materials that come from living organisms and materials that can work in living organisms

ARTIFICIAL ORGANS (section of applied mechanics and biomechanics): studying the design of artificial systems that can substitute totally or partially the function of the living organism systems




Recent research projects:

2004-2008: COST Action 537, EEC,: Core Laboratories for the Improvement of Medical Devices in Clinical Practice from the Failure of the Explanted Prostheses Analysis (FEPA)

2005-2007: Project Pythagoras II "Expression and role of proteoglycans in the differentiation of osteoblastic progenetor cells"

2005-2008: Project STREP VASCUPLUG of the EEC: "Bioreactive Composite Scaffold Design for Improved Vascular Connexion of Tissue Engineered Products"

2006-2008: Project INTERREG between Greece and Italy:  "Applied Biomaterials"

2006-2009: Project Karatheodoris: Biomechanics and biocompatibility of biomaterials applied in histotechnology.

2009-2013: FP7 Nanoparticles for Therapy and Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease

2010-2011 : Project IKYDA 2010Greece-Germany: "Histotechnology of Biomaterials"

2010-2011: Project  IKYDA 2010Greece-Germany:"Combination of biomimetic surface coatings and mechanical forces to control the differentiation of human embryonic cells"

2010-2013: Project Synergasia :"Nano-arthro-chondros"

2010-2013: Project Synergasia :"BIOMINY"

2012-2014: Project LEADERA: e-iliza-Development of an e-health system in orthopedics

2012-2016: Project FP7-people-ITN/Marie Curie "TECAS" tissue engineering of vardiovascular implants.



Selected Publications:

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European Patent Office:


Membranes made from P(AN/NVP)-copolymers with both haemo and tissue compatibility and their application in medical field.

Inventors: GKSS (Berlin): Albrect, Groth, Malsh, Seifert, University of Patras: Michanetzis, Missirlis, Free University of Berlin: Fey-Lamprecht, Gross, Strathclyde University: Courtney, Grant, Holland Biomaterials Group: Engbers


Greek Industrial Property Organization:

Description of a method to attach liposomic forms of heparin and/or other biomolecules on polymeric surfaces in order to control the release of their active substance(s) Inventors: Missirlis I, Antimisiaris S, Koromila G and Michanetzis G.



Equipment facilities include

Atomic Force Microscope (Veeco) / Nanoindemtation (Hysitron) system, Scanning Electron Microscope, Confocal / Epifluorescent Microscope (Nikon) (3 channels+transmission), clean room / cell culture facilites, mechanical testing devices, PCR, centrifuges, deep freezer, plate readers, ...