Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Applications

Director: Margaris Dionissios, Professor
Faculty members:
Aikaterinaris Ioannis, Professor
Contact Details
University of Patras, Rio - 26504
Phone: (+30 2610) 997193 / 997201 / 997202

The subject of the Laboratory is Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics in a wide range of applications


The courses taught by the Laboratory are:


1)     Fluid Mechanics

2)     Computational Methods

3)     Fluid Dynamic Machines

4)     Natural Gas Technology

5)     Multiphase Flow Simulation

6)     Experimental Fluid Mechanics

7)     Wind Energy Systems

8)     Flight Mechanics


The Laboratory's research areas are:

Applied Fluid Mechanics, Wind Energy, Multiphase Flows, Natural gas Technology, Fluid Dynamic Machines, Computational Methods.


The Laboratory's hardware equipment is composed of experimental flow devices, flow measurement and analysis tools and wind tunnels.

Flow simulation and analysis software is also available at the Laboratory's computers.