Nuclear Technology Laboratory

Director: Siakavellas Nicolaos, Associate Professor
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University of Patras, 26500 Patras
Phone: +30 (2610) 997243
Fax: +30 (2610) 997230

1.     Nuclear Technology: Fission and Fusion.

2.     Non-destructive testing of conducting materials with eddy current thermography.

3.     Induction heating.

4.     Heat exchangers -Thermodynamic cycles (in collaboration with the "Thermal Engines" Laboratory).


1)     Nuclear Technology: Fission and Fusion (Nuclear fuels - Fission - Fission reactors - Fusion - Fusion devices - Fusion reactors).

2)     Radiation heat transfer (Radiation laws - Radiation properties of surfaces - View factors - Network method for radiation exchange - Radiation shields - Gas Radiation - Solar Radiation).

3)     Electomagnetic and Thermal Problems in Energy Systems (Electomagnetics - Induction heating -  Magnetic levitation  - Electomagnetic - mechanical problems in Fusion reactors - Thermal Problems in  Fission reactors - Magneto hydrodynamics).

4)     Environmental problems of Energy Systems.

5)     Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (post-graduate).


  • Development of an electromagnetic -thermal method for non-destructive testing that combines electromagnetic excitation of the work-piece, heating of the material by induction and inspection by transient infrared thermography. Numerical investigation of the method by considering various types of coils for the excitation of two- and three-dimensional work-pieces. Experimental investigation of the method by eddy current thermography.
  • Induction heating systems. Coil design for magnetic field creation.
  • Heat exchangers - Thermodynamic cycles (in collaboration with the "Thermal Engines" Laboratory). Development of the Isochoric, Counter-Current Heat Exchanger, a mechanism capable of implementing the thermodynamic process of regenerative preheating in the Lenoir cycle. The introduction of this mechanism may lead to a modified Lenoir cycle with a real efficiency comparable to that of the combined cycles employed in modern Power Plants.
  • Nuclear Fusion: Analysis and prediction of the transient electromagnetic phenomena and the coupling magneto‑structural effects, i.e. the interaction between steady and transient magnetic fields and the conducting components of Tokamak fusion reactors, which is very important for the engineering design, the construction and operation of these devices.
  • Nuclear Fission: Neutronics, Heat transfer in fission reactors.
  • Measurements of nuclear radiation.


1) Experimental facilities for Induction heating.

2) Experimental facilities for non-destructive testing of conducting materials by eddy current thermography.

3) Instrumentation for measurements of nuclear radiation.

4) Instrumentation for measurements of thermal radiation.

5) Workstations, Personal Computers and software for Electomagnetics, Heat transfer, and coupled Electomagnetic-mechanical and Electomagnetic-thermal systems.