Laboratory of Aerodynamic Design of Air Vehicles

Director: Kallinderis Yannis, Professor
Contact Details
University of Patras, Rio - 26504
Phone: (+30 2610) 969406

The subject of the Laboratory is the design and the aerodynamic analysis of air vehicles using computational or other methods. Emphasis is also placed on the development of computational methods in Fluid Mechanics.


The courses supported by the Laboratory apply to both  Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineers. The subject areas that are taught are:

1)     Aircraft and Helicopter Design

2)     Aerodynamics

3)     Compressible Flow

4)     Computational Fluid Dynamics

5)     Advanced Computational Aerodynamics


The Laboratory's research areas are:

Aerodynamic Design, Aircraft and Helicopter Design, Computational Methods,  Applied Fluid Mechanics.


The Laboratory's hardware equipment is composed of computers in a modern working environment.

The Laboratory's software equipment incorporates computational packages for the geometric design, the aerodynamic design and analysis of aircraft in the preliminary and detailed stages.