The Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics offers a broad-based education for engineering, encompassing professional disciplines associated with current and future needs and developments in both Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. It was founded in 1967, providing curricula in Mechanical Engineering since 1972, on a five-year course basis and preparing graduates for industry, government, education and research at home and abroad.

Since 1995 the Department has been expanded and started offering curricula also in Aeronautics Engineering in both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Because of the scope of the Department and the variety of career objectives sought by its graduates, the faculty research and teaching cover a wide range of disciplines, leading to the award of a Diploma degree, after five years of studies and the successful accomplishment of a Diploma Thesis. At the post-graduate level, the Department offers programs leading to a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. In its four divisions, teaching and research are conducted in the following fields:

  • Division of Design and Manufacturing Engineering
    Design of Mechanical systems and Components, Manufacturing Processes and Systems, Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems, Robotics, CAD/CAM
  • Division of Energy, Aeronautics and Environment
    Energy Systems, Energy and Environment, Computational Thermo Dynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Division of Applied Mechanics. Technology of Materials and Biomechanics
    Advanced Materials, non Destructive Measurements and Biomechanics
  • Division of Industrial Management
    Production Management and Operations Research
The Department’s educational program is designed to provide the required knowledge and skills to the students, who wish to pursue a professional career in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics.

The Department has 46 faculty members, over 950 undergraduate and over 100 post-graduate students.