How to get to the University of Patras

From Patras by Car:

Follow Korinthou rd towards Athens to each end. Then follow Paneipistimiou Str and after tha Stadium "Dim. Tofalos", turn right at the traffic lights. This road will lead you the entrance of the University Campus; Signs with directions to every Depts. may be found there.

From Patras city by public transportation:

The most convenient way to reach the University is by taxi. From the bus/train station take a taxi to the Department (duration of the trip 10 to 30 min, depending on the traffic) There are taxis available around the clock. [Radiotaxi Express Tel.: 1300, 2610-450.000, 2610-346.590] There is a also a city bus service (blue buses), Bus No 6 & 9 links the down town area with the University Campus. During term time, city bus #6 runs regularly between the Campus and downtown Patras every 15 minutes on weekdays and every one hour on weekends. During the summer and holidays the weekday services are less frequent. The downtown terminal is in Amalias Street near the Intercity Bus Station. Ask the driver about the exact bus-stop in the campus. The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department buildings are close the Main building, the bank and the main cafeteria.

From Athens by car:

Right after the Toll Post of Rio, there is an exit to "University-Hospital". Exit the highway following the sign towards the Hospistal. When you arrive at the Hospital, turn right and enter the University Campus. Drive straight till the third round-about (At this point there is sign towards the Museum of Technology). Follow this road and turn left at the first crossroad. You will arrive at the Parking area of th Department. You may see the route from the Toll Post to the Dept.  here.