Courses List

ΜΚ11 Analysis of Diagnostic Signals Skarlatos D.
ΜΚ12 Special Topics in Robotics Aspragathos N.
ΜΚ13 Identification and Estimation of Stochastic Systems Sakellariou I., Fassois S.
ΜΚ14 Special Topics in Tribology Nikolakopoulos P.
ΜΚ15 Advanced Manufacturing Processes Mourtzis D.
ΜΚ21 Special Topics on Machine Design

Papadopoulos Ch.

Nikolakopoulos P., Katsareas D.

ΜΚ22 Design of Vehicles Chondros Th.
ΜΚ23 Applications of Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Engineering Design Dentsoras A.
ΜΚ24 Advanced Topics on Machine Tools and Automation Mourtzis D.
ΜΚ25 Advanced Topics on Manufacturing Systems Mourtzis D.
ΜΜ11 Ceramic Composite Materials Kostopoulos V.
ΜΜ12 Energy Theorems and Variational Formulations in Theory of Elasticity Philippidis Th.
ΜΜ13 Structural Integrity Pantelakis Sp., Labeas G., Tserpes K.
ΜΜ14 Advanced Structural Dynamics-Special Topics in Finite Element and Boundary Element Methods Saravanos D., Polyzos D.
ΜΜ15 Applied Fracture Mechanics N/A
ΜΜ16 Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Mavrilas D., Deligianni D.
ΜΜ17 Advanced Computer Programming Zois D.
ΜΜ21 Advanced Materials Technology Pantelakis Sp., Tserpes K., Apostolopoulos Ch.
ΜΜ22 Advanced Methods of Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis Tserpes K., Labeas G., Apostolopoulos Ch., Kermanidis Th.
ΜΜ23 Advanced Mechanics of Composite Laminates and Structures Saravanos D., Philippidis Th.
ΜΜ24 Analytical and Experimental Methods of Non-Destructive Evaluation of Materials and Structures Polyzos D., Kostopoulos V., Loutas Th.
ΜΜ25 Biomechanical Analysis for Artificial Organs Mavrilas D., Deligianni D., Athanassiou G.
ΜΜ26 Computational Mechanics-Parallel Computing Systems Zois D.
ΜΜ27 Applied Linear and Non-Linear Viscoelasticity Papanicolaou G.
ΜΕ11 Advanced Thermodynamics Georgiou D., Perrakis K.
ΜΕ12 Computational Methods for Energy Problems Papadopoulos P., Hatzikonstantinou P.
ΜΕ13 Renewable Energy Sources Kaouris I., Georgiou D.
ΜΕ14 Noise and the Protection of the Environment Menounou P.
ΜΕ21 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Margaris D., Kallinderis I.
ΜΕ22 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Energy Systems Kallinderis I., Koutmos P.
ΜΕ23 Thermofluids, Turbulence and Combustion Koutmos P., Panidis Th., Perrakis K.
ΜΕ24 Multiphase Flows Margaris D.
ΜΔ11 Advanced Operational Research Megalokonomos G.
ΜΔ12 Economics of Technological Innovation Tsekouras K.
ΜΔ13 Total Quality Management Goutsos S.
ΜΔ14 Collaboration Support Technologies Karacapilidis N.
ΜΔ21 Systems Theory and Practice Adamides M.
ΜΔ22 Data Analysis Malefaki S.
ΜΔ23 Work Safety Systems Sgourou E.
Katsakiori P.
ΜΔ24 Environmental Systems Management Mouzakitis I.

*Note: The course code in the form XYmn expresses the following:

  • Χ : Course type (Μ= Postgraduate)
  • Y : Specialization  
    • (Κ= Design and Production)
    • (Μ= Computational and Experimental Engineering and Advanced Materials)
    • (Ε= Power Systems)
    • (Δ= Technological Systems Management)
  • m : Semester  (1=Fall Semester / 2=Spring Semester)
  • n : Course Serial Number