Perrakis Kostas

Academic position: Lecturer
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Biographic Notes

He has graduated in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Patras (Diploma 1980, Doctorate 1991).  He was first employed as a Scientific Associate of the Department in 1980 and since 1992 he is Lecturer. He is responsible for teaching topics in the fields of Thermodynamics, Rocket propulsion and Turbulence.  His main research interests are in the area of thermofluids phenomena, and focus on free turbulent flows, large scale vortical structures, and the use of optical (DPIV) and point (HWA, LDA) measuring techniques in various velocity and temperature fields. He is involved in Research Projects in collaboration with Greek and foreign institutions. He has published several papers in scientific journals and international conference proceedings.
Titles indicative of the research topics he is working on are:
Turbulent flow structures - Combustion: Vortical large scale structures, free turbulent flows (jets, wakes, mixing layer). Combustion (oxy-fuel, staged combustion, etc) for industrial furnaces as related to combustion efficiency and reduction of emissions (especially NOx).
Experimental techniques: Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Hot Wire Anemometry, Temperature measurements systems.


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