Athanassiou George

Academic position: Associate Professor
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Biographic Notes

Bachelor in Physic, University of Patras (1973), Diploma in mechanical Engineering, University of Patras (1983), PhD (1991) Dept. Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras.

1978 - 1993 Research Assoc., Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras.

1993 - 2002 Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of  Patras.

2002- today Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of Patras.

Research and Academic Activity

Teaching of the following courses: Biomechanics, Ergonomic, Artificial Organs.

Research activities:

  • Experimental studies of the mechanical and rheological behaviour of red and white blood cells (from healthy and diseased donors) and modelling
  • Cell engineering (detachment strength, cell response under static and dynamic loading
  • Ergonomic work analysis to estimate the comfort.
  • Development of new methods to estimate the rheological behaviour of whole blood.
  • Implants: zirconia, Ti, Al2O3 In vitro study of biomaterials biocompatibility and hemocompatibility
  1. Program "K. Karatheodori", Research Committee of the University of Patras, Nov 2000 (project leader) "Study of the attachment/detachment forces of osteoblasts on biomaterials and investigation of their dependence on the surface characteristics with or without surface modification".
  2. Program "K. Karatheodori", Research Committee of the University of Patras, Nov 2008 (project leader) "Study of the muscular fatigue in low back and upper limp in real work places tasks ".

Recent Publications


ATHANASSIOU G. and Deligianni D. "Adhesion strength of individual human osteoblasts to fibronectin. Integrin β1-mediated adhesion " Journal of Materials Science: Materials in medicine, 12, 965-970, 2001.

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Katsakiori N., ATHANASSIOU G., Goutsos S., Manatakis E. " Human factors in the causation of fatal occupational accidents in the region of east Attica, Greece 1999-2003, during the Olympic Games". International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (JOSE) 2008, V 14 No3, 285-292.

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