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Academic position: Associate Professor
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Biographic Notes

Born in Amaliada Hleias/GR, 1953. Degree of Physics (1980), PhD (1991) Dept. Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras. - (1981 - 1993) Research Assoc. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras. - (1993 - 2004) Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras. - (2004) Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras. Member of Laboratory of Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering. Ressearch interests in Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Artificial Organs, Tissue Engineering.

Recent Publications


  1. M. Krings, D. Kanellopoulou, P.G. Koutsoukos, D. Mavrilas, B. Glasmacher: "Development of a new combined test set-up for accelerated dynamic pH controlled in vitro calcification of porcine heart valves". Int. J for Artificial Organs 32(11);794-801 (2009).
  2. S.I. Gkizas, E. Apostolakis, E. Pagoulatou, D. Mavrilas, D.J. Papachristou, E. Koletsis, A. Papalois, H. Papadaki, D. Alexopoulos: "Aldosterone receptor inhibition alters the viscoelastic biomechanical behavior of the aortic wall". Experimental Biology & Medicine 235;311-316 (2010).
  3. S. Gkizas, D. Koumoundourou, X. Sirinian, S. Rokidi, D. Mavrilas, P. Koutsoukos, A. Papalois, E. Apostolakis, D. Alexopoulos, H. Papadaki: "Aldosterone receptor blockade inhibits degenerative processes in the early stage of calcific aortic stenosis" . Eur. J. Pharmacol. 642(1-3);107-112 (2010).
  4. I. Koniari, D. Mavrilas, H. Papadaki, M.Karanikolas, M.Mandellou, A. Papalois, E.Koletsis, D. Dougenis, E. Apostolakis. "Structural and biomechanical alterations in rabbit thoracic aortas are associated with the progression of atherosclerosis". Lipids in Health and Disease 10:125-33 (2011).
  5. E. Pagoulatou, I.E.Triantaphyllidou, D.H. Vynios, D.J. Papachristou, E. Koletsis, D.Deligianni, D. Mavrilas. "Biomechanics and structural changes following the decellularization of bovine pericardial tissues for use as a tissue engineering scaffold". J Mater Sci: Mater Med, 23(6);1387-96, 2012.

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