Division of Applied Mechanics, Technology of Materials and Biomechanics

Division Director: Lampeas George

The Section entails 14 faculty members and 4 members of technical and administrative personnel. The section offers the core courses of Chemistry, Materials Science I-II, Physics, Statics, Dynamics, Introduction to Computer Technology, Programming, Strength of Materials I-II, Vibrations, Introduction to Finite Elements, Elasticity, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Biomechanics I and Light-weight structures. In addition, during the last two years of study, the section provides a full program of elective courses leading to the minor areas of advanced materials, structural analysis and design, non destructive testing and biomechanics.

The Division consists of:

Division of Energy, Aeronautics & Enviroment

Division Director: Margaris Dionissios

The Division of Energy, Aeronautics and Environment aims at the education and research with regards to the study, planning, evaluation, application and operation of (i) systems of production and transformation of energy from conventional and renewable sources, (ii) flight systems, and (iii) technologies for the control and management of the environment.

The Division consists of:

Division of Design & Manufacturing

Division Director: Nikolakopoulos Pantelis

The division offers courses on: Mechanical Drawing - Theory of Machines and Mechanisms - Machine Elements - Engineering Design - Theory and Applications of CAD - Design and Planning of Production Systems - Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing - Rapid Prototyping - Machine Tools - Material Processing - Metrology and Measurements - Maintenance of Machinery -  Machine Fault Diagnosis and Reliability- Automatic Control - Modeling, Identification and Optimization of Mechanical Systems - Mechatronic Systems - Robotics - Industrial Automatic Control - Applications of Artificial and Computational Intelligence - Stochastic Dynamic Signals and Systems - Acoustics - Sound Pollution - Medical Systems - Man-machine Systems

The Division consists of: