Division of Design & Manufacturing

Division Director: Nikolakopoulos Pantelis


The division offers courses on: Mechanical Drawing - Theory of Machines and Mechanisms - Machine Elements - Engineering Design - Theory and Applications of CAD - Design and Planning of Production Systems - Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing - Rapid Prototyping - Machine Tools - Material Processing - Metrology and Measurements - Maintenance of Machinery -  Machine Fault Diagnosis and Reliability- Automatic Control - Modeling, Identification and Optimization of Mechanical Systems - Mechatronic Systems - Robotics - Industrial Automatic Control - Applications of Artificial and Computational Intelligence - Stochastic Dynamic Signals and Systems - Acoustics - Sound Pollution - Medical Systems - Man-machine Systems

Area of expertise
Regarding research activities, focus is given to the following fields: Engineering Design - Flexible Manufacturing Systems - Statistical Qualitative Control of Production - Planning, programming and Control of Production Systems - Artificial and Computational Intelligence - Robotics - Mechatronics - Computer Graphics - Laser Technologies for Material Processing - Techniques for Rapid Prototyping - Machine Tools and Reliability Control - Methods and Techniques for Fault Identification - Dynamics of Mechanical Systems - Design of Biomedical Systems

The Division consists of: