Division of Energy, Aeronautics & Enviroment

Division Director: Margaris Dionissios

The Division of Energy, Aeronautics and Environment aims at the education and research with regards to the study, planning, evaluation, application and operation of (i) systems of production and transformation of energy from conventional and renewable sources, (ii) flight systems, and (iii) technologies for the control and management of the environment.

Area of expertise
Indicative scientific regions of the Division include: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, fluid dynamic machines, combustion, heat, energy and mass transfer, systems of production, transformation and disposal of energy, aerodynamics, mechanics of flight, computational fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, aeroacoustics, aircraft noise, technologies of propulsion systems, design technologies of land, air and space vehicles, nuclear technology, renewable sources of energy, natural gas technology, multi-phase flows, environmental technologies.

The Division consists of: