Division of Applied Mechanics, Technology of Materials and Biomechanics

Division Director: Lampeas George

The Section entails 14 faculty members and 4 members of technical and administrative personnel. The section offers the core courses of Chemistry, Materials Science I-II, Physics, Statics, Dynamics, Introduction to Computer Technology, Programming, Strength of Materials I-II, Vibrations, Introduction to Finite Elements, Elasticity, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Biomechanics I and Light-weight structures. In addition, during the last two years of study, the section provides a full program of elective courses leading to the minor areas of advanced materials, structural analysis and design, non destructive testing and biomechanics.

Area of expertise
The research activities of the Section are focused on leading technical areas such as, aerospace materials and aerostructures, composite materials, wind-turbine rotor structures, nanomaterials and nanomechanics, advanced computational mechanics,  bio- and tissue-engineering, NDT, structural health monitoring and smart materials. The majority of conducted research receives competitive funding from national and EU sources, thus maintaining direct interactions with European Universities, Research Centers and Industry. The research works of the Section are internationally renowned through publications in referred journals, the authoring of books published by international publishers, presentations in international conferences, and organization of international conferences.


The mission of  Applied Mechanics, Materials Technology and Biomechanics Section is to provide education and conduct research in the following areas: Technology and Strength of Materials, advanced materials (properties, physical and mechanical behavior, fabrication technologies), solid mechanics, mechanics of deformable solids, fracture mechanics,  dynamics and vibrations, structural analysis and design, structural integrity, computational mechanics, analytical and numerical methods, experimental techniques and testing, non destructive testing and evaluation, aerospace materials and aerostructures, biomechanics and biomedicine (biomaterials, artificial organs, bioreology).

The Division consists of: